Current Job Opportunities

We regularly need seasonal help to run Bondi. Over the years we have provided a first step for many young people as they start their working life. Most of the work we need to do is not "high tech". The jobs tend to be more physical, and a fair amount of outdoor activity is involved. There are the benefits of the recreational activities here at Bondi as well. We train as needed, but we do need a good work ethic, and someone who does what they say, and are contracted to do.

We also need help in the spring and fall seasons to get things ready for summer, and prepare for winter. School usually prevents students from fulfilling this requirement although we would be happy to talk to you. If your school schedule is different from the norm. More mature people, or couples could have a working holiday from the city at these times and not only help us get all the chores done, but have a few days each week to explore the area. These shoulder seasons are not crowded like the summer and you will not be bored as there is a variety of jobs that need doing every year.

We don't pay "lawyers rates" but you will not starve, so if you, or someone you know, is interested in this kind of work please contact us.

Phone: 705-635-2261 Fax: 705-635-9790 Email:
or even good old Canada Post at 1260 Fox Point Road, Dwight P0A 1H0 will work!

Ask for Carol Tapley as she co-ordinates this aspect of our resort.